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Content Strategy

You are looking for an expert blogger to update your blog so you can concentrate on the marketing side of your business. I will help you.


Brand Voice

You want to explain complex ideas in simple language, but you want to sound like an expert. You need compelling content.


Leads & Sales

You need leads to generate sales. You want to build a list because we all know that “money is in the list.” What you really want is a writer who understands your business better than you. I do it for a living!

What You Want

You have an idea, theory, concept, or a story you want to tell but don’t know how? Don’t worry, I will help you say it.

What I Have

Good writing inspires confidence, facilitates clarity, and conveys your commitment to doing what is necessary for a quality outcome.

What We Can Achieve Together

A good writer can write complex sentences. A great writer can explain complex ideas. The difference? Simplicity!

Gaurav Bidasaria

Gaurav Bidasaria


I’m a writer and a blogger with over five years of experience in the print and pixel publication domain. When I am not writing compelling stories for my clients, you can find me enjoying a game of snooker with my friends, or binge watching Netflix.

Brands I have worked with:

Tools I can work with:



Words can be a powerful weapon, and every writer who ever studied marketing knows this to be true. Here are niches I specialize in:

  • Technology and Gadgets – I am simply curious and passionate about how they can help us, affect us, and sometimes infect us fundamentally!
  • WordPress – I have designed this and countless other sites!
  • Blogging, content marketing, conversion marketing, social media marketing, writing tools – it’s my job!

If you are in a niche that I have not listed above, but you still like the way I roll, connect with me because like every awesome writer worth his salt, I can help you write a compelling copy no matter your niche. But, if you are in a niche that I am passionate about, like technology, gadgets, and IoT, then I can help you more.


How? Good question and I am glad you asked! Here is the general procedure:


  • I will ask questions about your business, blog, product, targets, and goals. No personal questions!
  • I will actually do the research before I even begin writing. It takes time and it will cost you.
  • I will write my first draft which is usually also my final draft.
  • I will proofread everything.
  • I will ask my editor to proofread everything.

For example, I love traveling but I don’t consider myself to be an expert in the field. Still, one of my articles was featured on premium travel site How? Like I said, I ask the right questions and actually do the research it takes to create content that gets read and shared.

So, now that you know I can deliver on my promise of helping you succeed, you need to contact me right now.

Send me an email now!

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